In order for the participants of the event to have the possibility to experience a little more of Brazil, we offer a special selection of tours specific to Brazil before or after the event.

Angra dos Reis has 365 islands and 2000 beaches at its disposal and is considered one of the most beautiful places in all of Brazil.  Angra is also known for its cultural attractions, such as historical monuments, churches and buildings that remain from its colonial heyday.  Being as the center of the city is small, many of the hotels are located around the city´s commercial area.  The main attraction is ´´Ilha Grande´´ (The Big Island), which was once a pirate colony.  Today it is one of Angra´s most famous tourist centers.  Situated near beaches, mountains and breathtaking waterfalls, it is the perfect spot to travel and camp.  Various excursions around Angra are available, including some that take a break for lunch on beautiful secluded islands, allowing participants to swim in the island´s pristine waters or relax in the sun.

Package includes:
02 overnights at Portobello Resort - Standard 
Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Regular Transfer in - only driver speaking portuguese
Regular Transfer out - only driver speaking portuguese

Price for 02 people in double room - R$ 3.499,00*
Price for 01 person in single room - R$ 2.669,00*

* The prices above are subject to change
* Flight tickets not included
Inhotim is a complex that gathers contemporary art, environment, and research & education initiatives. A wide area with several movements in cultural and environment areas.
The tour takes 6 hours and visits the main artworks and galleries of the complex, as “Adriana Varejão, Cosmococa, Marcenaria, Lago, Cildo Meireles” and others.

Package includes:
Private transfer in - Airport - Hotel
Private Tour Full day to Inhotim with lunch - Except on Mondays
Private Transfer out - Hotel - Airport
02 overnights at Hotel Holiday Inn or similar - Standard room with breakfast included
Price for 02 people in double room - R$ 3.40700*
Price for 01 person in single room - R$ 2.934,00*

* The prices above are subject to change
* Flight tkts not included

Located 330 km from the city of Campo Grande, capital of the State of Mato Grosso do Sul, Bonito is a paradise of crystal clear waters with an exuberant and preserved fauna and flora. Bonito is an example in terms of sustainable tourism when it comes to preservation and exploitation of nature in a responsible manner.
The city has many attractions and leisure options like: Diving in the Sucuri River is in an unforgettable aquatic festival by a mile of extension of the river; The Blue Lagoon Cave, the Lagoon is believed to be fueled by a river of groundwater and the Mimosa Trail, a walk by primary forest of the Mimoso River with a beautiful flora throughout the trail. These and many other leisure options the adventurers will find in Bonito. Caves and waterfalls became a backdrop for rappelling, the woods were cut by planned trails and circuits of tree climbing, and the rivers - true natural aquariums thanks to the limestone rocks surrounding the riverbeds - turned scenarios for free dives.

Package includes:
03 nights at Pousada Olho D´Agua 
Transfers  and tours as below
** 1st Day – Campo Grande/Bonito – Pick-up at the airport in Campo Grande and regular transfer to Bonito ( aproximately 04 hours ) 
** 2nd Day – Bonito – Breakfast. Transfer to the Gruta do Lago Azul (Blue Lake Cave). A short hike in the forest leads to the impressive entrance of the Cave. Inside the cave several kinds of speleothemes create a magic scenery with a deep blue lake in the bottom of the Cave. The duration of the trip is about 1h30m. After the end of the tour transfer back to Bonito.
In the afternoon Barra do Sucuri Snorkeling: This tour is also operated at Sucuri River where visitors will be met at the Main House to try and test the necessary gear and then start a 400 meters light hike up to the river where the tour starts. At the river visitors will help paddle the boat 1.300 meters up river while enjoying all the beauty of the gallery forest and the transparency of the river from the boat. At the end of this ride visitors will then put on their masks and snorkels, jump out of the boat and finally see all the beauty of one of the most transparent rivers in the world. After the end of the tour back at the main house visitors can relax at the hammocks or at the Formoso River that is just a few steps from the house.Transfer back to the hotel in Bonito. Free Night. 
** 3rd Day – Bonito – Breakfast. Free morning for optional tours. 
** 4th Day – Bonito/Campo Grande – Breakfast. Back to Campo Grande Airport in regular transfer ( aproximatelely 04 hours ) 

Price for 02 persons in double room: R$ 4.293,00
Price for 01 person in single room: R$ 3.209,00  

* The prices above are subject to change
*Flight tickets not included
Buenos Aires Buenos Aires
Day 1 : Buenos Aires
Arrival at Buenos Aires International Airport. Meet with your a guide
Private transfer from airport to selected hotel with English guide assistance and mineral water on board.

Being the capital of the country makes it the starting point for most of Argentinean Experiences. Let yourself be seduced by its busy and beautiful streets full of Tango aromas and football passion, a unique mixture which turns your stay into an exceptional urban adventure.

Meals: None
Day 2 : Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires Sightseeing Experience
Private experience - Vehicle and English speaking guide at disposal. Duration: 4hrs - Half Day. Mineral water on board.

Visit Plaza de Mayo, the city’s foundational site and witness of our country’s political history. There we’ll visit the Pink House, our Presidential Palace, the Cabildo, our primitive town hall, and the Neoclassical-styled Metropolitan Cathedral, the final home of Argentina’s founding father, José de San Martín.
We’ll come across sumptuous French palaces again in Palermo Chico, the area of Palermo best known for its large parks designed by celebrated landscape architects, such as the illustrious Frenchman Charles Thays. 

Visit Plaza de Mayo, Pink House, our Presidential Palace, the Cabildo, our primitive town hall, and the Neoclassical-styled Metropolitan Cathedral, the final home of Argentina’s founding father, José de San Martín.
The area of Palermo, Retiro and Recoleta , After visiting the impressive Plaza San Martín we’ll stroll down  Avenida Alvear .Then we’ll visit the Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar, one of the city’s oldest churches, which dates to the Colonial era. Finally, we’ll admire the celebrated Recoleta Cemetery.
We’ll visit Puerto Madero, San Telmo and we’ll walk its cobbled streets making a stop at Plaza Dorrego, best known for its traditional antiques fair, held every Sunday then we’ll continue southwards to La Boca, visit to the mythical Caminito Street.
Observations: Daily Departures to be agreed. This tour can be customized upon request, according to guest´s interest (Art, F&B, Shopping, etc). Lunch is not included, can be added with 2 hours extension. 
Overnight accommodation in Buenos Aires - Meals: Breakfast

Day 3 :Buenos Aires
Free day at Leisure
La Ventana Tango Show
3 course dinner & live Tango Show with SIB shared transfers and drinks included.
Overnight accommodation in Buenos Aires
Meals: Breakfast and dinner.

Day 4 : Buenos Aires

Private transfer from hotel to International Airport - Mineral water on board.

Package includes:
03 nights at Hotel Pulitzer, or similar, with breakfast 

Private transfer from hotel to International Airport - Mineral water on board.

Price for 02 people in a double room - U$ 1.260,00*
Price for 01 person in a single room - U$ 813,00*

* The prices above are subject to change
* Flight tickets not included
Decades ago, Buzios began to be a beautiful place where the rich and famous people found of peace and tranquility. In 1960, the increased interest in the place with the visit of French actress Brigitte Bardot, then an international famous film star who chose the city to relax for a few days. Since then, Buzios has become part of the itinerary of international tourism. Buzios is a good infrastructure of hotels and accommodation world-class, nice restaurants and bars. Currently, the Peninsula still retains a little fishing village that has always given a special touch to the city.

Package Includes: 
02 nights at La Chimere Pousada or similar
Regular Troller city tour
Transfer Rio de Janeiro / Búzios / Rio de Janeiro - only driver speaking portuguese

Day 1 - Friday March 13th 2020: El Calafate
Arrival at El Calafate Airport. Meet with your guide
Private transfer from airport to selected hotel with English guide assistance and mineral water on board.
Day 2 – Saturday March 14th 2020: El Calafate

Perito Moreno Glacier - Los Glaciares National Park
Regular SIB shared - Full day tour. National park tickets are included.
Located 80km away from El Calafate, The “Perito Moreno” is "Los Glaciares" National Park’s host, where visiting its catwalks is actually a unique experience.
The first 40km on the trip runs through Patagonian steppe until getting to the National Park access gate. Over the next 26km, it is possible to appreciate the timberline formed by “high deciduous beech” trees, white oak trees, “low deciduous beech” trees and some cinnamon trees. Flowers of several colours can be appreciated too, being the “fire bush” the one that stands out the most due to its deep red colour. All of them are typical Andean-Patagonian forest species.
There is an elevator available for disabled persons that leads to the First balcony, point where the Accessible Pathway begins, extending to 565mts (1.854 feet).
The excursion is usually organized as a full day program. The visit makes it possible to have different viewpoints of the glacier and enough time for lunch and for an optional navigation to approach to the glacier’s southern front.
Day 3 – Sunday March 15th 2020: El Calafate / Ushuaia
Private transfer from hotel to El Calafate al Airport – No guide assistance. Mineral water on board.
Flight from El Calafate to Ushuaia – Not included
Arrival at Ushuaia Airport. Meet with your guide
Private transfer from airport to selected hotel with English guide assistance and mineral water on board.
2 Overnight accommodations at selected hotel in Ushuaia, breakfast included
Meals: Breakfast
Day 4 – Monday March 16th 2020: Ushuaia
Tierra del Fuego National Park & Nature Tour - 4x4 + Trekking
Private Experience - Duración: Half day.National park tickets and Lunch are not included. Includes 4.5 km of trekking - Low difficulty. 
We take National Route 3 form Ushuaia and stop at a Panoramic Point in the Beagle Channel. Then we get to Tierra del Fuego National Park and begin our trekking, to the gaze at Lapataia. In our tours we hike some of the trails of this exceptional forest. You can also pick our morning or afternoon trip (6 hours each approximately). After half day of walking, we get a good idea of the uniqueness of this particular ecosystem.

Beagle Channel Navigation (Catamaran) - Sea Lions, Birds Island & Les Eclaireurs Lighthhouse
Regular (Shared) Boat Tour. Port Tax is not included. Transportation from/to Port Is no included.
The navigation begins leaving from the Tourist Pier, in the direction of the Beagle Channel, enjoying the panoramic view of  Ushuaia´s coast. It sails to the southwest, approaching the Sea Lion´s Island, where, from the boat, you can enjoy the sight of sea lion specimens, observing their permanent habitat. Continuing the navigation, you will arrive at the Birds Island, habitat of Magellanic Cormorants and Imperial Cormorants and a privileged area to see specimens of marine avifauna.
Continuing the journey, to finish, we will arrive at the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse. The return will be through the Paso Chico, spotting the Estancias Tunel and Fique, with a view of the imposing frame that the city gives Monte Martial and its glacier of the same name.
Overnight accommodation at selected hotel in Ushuaia
Meals: Breakfast
Day 5 – Tuesday March 17th 2020: Ushuaia
Private transfer from hotel to Ushuaia Airport – No guide assistance. Mineral water on board.
Meals: Breakfast
Package includes:
Hotel Mirador del Lago + Albatros, or similar, with breakfast 

Private transfer from hotel to International Airport - Mineral water on board.

Price for 02 people in a double room - U$ 1.582,00*
Price for 01 person in a single room - U$ 1.118,00*

* The prices above are subject to change  
* Flight tickets not included
The Fernando de Noronha Archipelago is composed of twenty islands covering an area of 26 square km. The main island, with a size of 17 square km and with 545 km of beautiful coastline, is the only inhabited island, and has a population of 3,000 people. The habitants devised a system of “sustainable tourism”, creating an opportunity to experience the balance between man and nature in one of the most important ecological sanctuaries of the world. With each passing year, more and more tourists visit this tropical paradise, developing an alternative economy for the local population. The vast majority of the inns on the island are rustic and simple, yet very comfortable, featuring amenities such as air conditioning, TV, refrigerators and private bathrooms. In March of 2014, one of its beautiful beaches was just elected the best beach in the world: Sancho Bay (Baía do Sancho).

Package includes: 
05 nights at Pousada Teju-Açu or similar
Regular transfer in and out 

Price for 02 persons in double room - R$ 12.518,00
Price for 01 person in single room - R$ 11.312,00

* The prices above are subject to change 

*Taxes are not included.
*Flight tickets not included
* Preservation Tax - is mandatory, paid upon arrival at the airport for administration of the island, is charged per person / per day and it is not included on the rates
This tax may also be paid through this site:
* Entrance Park Fee - this the tax should be paid to visit the areas inside the National Park of Fernando de Noronha. he entrance ticket, valid for ten days, gives the visitor the right to access all the public areas in the National Park as:
Trails: Atalaia, Sancho, Golfinho, Dois Irmãos belvedere, Porcos Bay, Lighthouse, S.J. Sueste Fortress, Leão, Capim a Açu cave, Capim Açu, Viração, Pontinha, Abreus, Costa Azul, Costa Esmeralda, Jardim Elizabeth
Beaches: Sancho Bay, Porcos Bay, Atalaia Beach, Golfinhos Bay, Sueste Bay, Leão Beach
The ticket can be bought at Square Flamboyant and at Visitor Center ICMbio daily from 08am to 22pm, or in the website (available only in Portuguese)
Iguaçu Falls rests on a privileged location on the borders of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay and is known as ¨City of the Falls¨.  It is also the site where the Paraná and Iguaçu River form one of the most beautiful sites in nature: the Cataratas do Iguaçu.  This gorgeous site is visited by people from all corners of the planet.  The city offers a multitude of other splendid attractions including the religious architecture of the Matriz Church, Buddhist Temple, Muçulmana Mosque as well as the Itaipu Dam, the world´s largest energy producer.

Package includes:
02 nights at 3 star hotel with breakfast 
Private Transfer in
Half day Brazilian side tour with guide 
Half day Argentina side tour with guide 
Private Transfer out

Price for 02 people in a double room - R$ 4.276,00
Price for 01 person in a single room -  R$ 3.724,00

* The prices above are subject to change
* Flight ticked not included

Manaus is the capital of the state of Amazonas, which is located in the northern region of Brazil and is the biggest state in the country.  One of the biggest attractions of Manaus is exactly that: its geographic location; the city built in the Amazon jungle.  Travelers will have exclusive access to areas preserved for hotels situated in the jungle, but remain just a few kilometers from the city.  Furthermore, boats leave from Manaus for Rio Negro and its black waters, as well as for Rio Solimões with its crystalline waters.  The two rivers sit side by side, yet their waters never mix.

Package includes:
Private Transfer in with guide
01 overnight at 3 star hotel in Manaus
Amazon Ecopark package - 03 Days/02 Nights includes:

3 Days/2 Nights w/ Meeting of the Waters - Transfers and excursions on a shared basis. Activities do not necessarily follow this order and the arrangements of the tours may be changed by the lodge on arrival.
Day 1 - Reception upon arrival at the airport or hotel. Transfer to Amazon Ecopark with English speaking guide. After accommodation, you will visit the Monkey Forest. The duration of the tour of the center will be about 40 minutes to 1 hour. After lunch, visit to a native's house. You will depart from the lodge on a boat or motorized canoe. After visiting the native’s house some fishing may be done. Return to the lodge for dinner.
Important note: regular transfer from airport departs between 6:00am and 5:00pm :: from hotels departs between 8:30am and 1:30pm
Day 2 - After breakfast, you will depart for a tour of Meeting of the Waters , the spectacular merge of Negro and Solimões Rivers. The phenomenon happens due to differences in temperature, density and speed of the waters of the rivers.  Depending on the level of the waters, a visit to a typical \" caboclo \" (local inhabitants) villa will be included  during this full day tour. This visit will happen prior or after lunch, which is not included. Return to the lodge for dinner and then a night tour in canoe, with the possibility to spot small alligators (or other nightly creatures).
Day 3 - After breakfast, you will go on a nature hike. During the tour, the guide will  lead and educate  you about the local flora/fauna, how and where to find edible fruits and potable water, first aid, how to find their way in the forest and much more. Check-out and transfer to Manau’s airport

Price for 02 persons in double room -  R$ 9232,00
Price for 01 person in single room -  R$ 5976,00

* The prices above are subject to change
* Flight tickets not included
Day 1 - Friday March 13th: Mendoza
Arrival at El Calafate Airport. Meet with your guide
Private transfer from airport to selected hotel with English guide assistance and mineral water on board.
3 Overnight accommodations at selected hotel in Mendoza, breakfast included
Day 2 - Saturday March 14th: Mendoza
Maipu Small Group Wine Tour
Regular Premium Service (Shared) – 2 Guests Minimum, to guarantee departure. Duration: Full Day, estimate 8 hours. Guided Tour in Spanish and English Languages. Vehicle: Minibus up to 18 seats. Visits and tastings at Trapiche and Sin Fin Wineries, and Lunch at Zuccardi Winery (Pan & Oliva Restaurant), with soft drinks and wine included. 
We will visit three wineries that opened the path of viticulture here in Argentina and still have conserved their family traditions to this day, forming an important part of the production of wines in Mendoza.
We will visit some of the most important and renowned wineries of this region.
We continue to Sin Fin Winery, a family owned winery by local Mendocinians - a modern proposition in a completely remodeled building from 1937.
Finally we visit Familia Zuccardi Winery. We continue for lunch at Pan y Oliva, one of two restaurants located at Familia Zuccardi, known for its fresh take on pastas, salads, tapas, with the incorporation of olive oil.  We’ll head out into the dining from to enjoy lunch and house wines.
Observations: This tour can be organized on private bases and customized upon request.
Overnight accommodation at selected hotel in Mendoza
Meals: Breakfast and Lunch
Day 3 - Sunday March 15th: Mendoza

Day at leisure
Day 4 - Monday March 16th: Mendoza
Private transfer from hotel to Mendoza Airport - Mineral water on board.
Package includes:
03 nights at Hotel Huentala, or similar, with breakfast 

Private transfer from hotel to International Airport - Mineral water on board.

Price for 02 people in a double room - U$ 1.014,00*
Price for 01 person in a single room - U$ 710,00*

* The prices above are subject to change  
Flight tickets not included
Day 01 - Belo Horizonte / Congonhas / São João del Rei (with lunch) / Tiradentes
Leaving Belo Horizonte in the morning, we will visit Congonhas, which is one of the cities of the gold cycle with wonderful artistic heritage. It has as its point of interest masterpieces in sculptures of Aleijadinho, with the 12 prophets in soapstone and the figures of the Steps in polychrome wood. The artist was assisted in this work by disciples who worked with him in a system similar to that of medieval corporations. The full size sculptures represent the most important artistic treasure in Brazil.
In the afternoon we continued to Sao Joao del Rey. Since 1701, the town that originated São João del Rei, began to be inhabited by the paulistas (bandeirantes) discoverers of gold in the region, as well as by miners from other parts of the colony. The conflict between Paulistas and adventits was inevitable, and between 1707 and 1713 the so-called War of the Emboabas (so-called non-Paulistas) took place. The great shock of this "war" occurred in the vicinity of São João del Rei, on the banks of the Rio das Mortes.
After visiting, we continue to overnight in Tiradentes.
Day 02 - Tiradentes (with lunch) / Ouro Preto
We will visit Tiradentes in the morning. In 1718, the old village of Santo Antônio was elevated to the condition of town with the name of San José del Rei. In this village was born in 1746 Joaquim José da Silva Xavier, Tiradentes. There also lived the Father Toledo, in whose beautiful mansion, the inconfidents assembled in 1788 articulating what would later be known as Inconfidencia Mineira. Lunch included in the tour and continuation to Ouro Preto in the afternoon
Day 03 - Mariana / Gold Mine / Ouro Preto (with lunch)
We will leave Ouro Preto for a full day tour, starting with Mariana. The first capital of Minas Gerais was founded in 1711. Its first inhabitants, the bandeirantes found gold in the form of nuggets. In 1745 it was elevated to the status of a city, to become the seat of the first bishopric of Minas, also changing its name to Mariana, in honor of the Queen D. Maria Ana of Austria, wife of D. João V, King of Portugal, after After that, we will visit the oldest gold mine in Brazil, "Mina da Passagem", which holds secrets and mysteries that enchant everyone. A cart takes us to the underground galleries, which reach 315 meters wide and 120 meters deep. The natural lake inside the mine impresses all who see it. Since its foundation at the beginning of the 18th century approximately 35 tons of gold have been mined. Leaving the Mine we will continue for lunch in Ouro Preto, followed by the tour by foot through the city. Founded in the early 18th century, it is the masterpiece of Brazilian colonial architecture. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, its remoteness from the coast and the rapid decline of the mines after 1760 made it an example of a colonial Brazilian city, preserving itself as an expressive architectural and artistic complex of the time. As the first great city in the hinterland, it served as a connecting hub for the coastal economies with the mining region. The intense economic activity of the city in the eighteenth century corresponds to its own artistic and cultural development. The baroque of Ouro Preto, unlike the baroque of Brazilian coastal cities, can be considered as typically Brazilian.
Historically, during the same century, libertarian movements were developed inspired by Enlightenment ideas and in the example of the American Revolution, as in the Inconfidencia Mineira.
Day 04 - Black Gold / Match
Transfer to Belo Horizonte Airport (140km / 2 hours).
Package includes:
Arrival and Departure Transfers in Belo Horizonte
Local bilingual local guide 
Tours and meals as specified
01 night at Pousada Vila Alegra, or similar, with breakfast (in Tiradentes)
02 nights at Pousada Classica, or similar, with breakfast (in Ouro Preto)

Package for 02 people in a double apartment - R$ 8,132.00*
Package for 01 person in a single apartment - R$ 7,441.00*
* The above values ​​are subject to change
* Air tkts not included
Pantanal is one of the most impressive wetlands in the world and rich ecosystems where the planet's largest wild animal concentrations can be found. The rain reigns on these special lands and waters cover all this area part of the year. Afterwards they go down and animals return to their habitats. Alligators, jaguars, teeming rivers with fishes and birds share areas of unsurpassed beauty. A simple walk or drive around the region and the river will offer the sight of toucans, macaws, parakeets, cardinals, ibises and others. This authentic Mother Nature paradise is protected by the National Park laws. Hunting is definitely forbidden, but the "photo safaris" are some of the unforgettable experiences spent in a haven of beauty, colors and sounds.
Day 1 - Arrival at Cuiabá/Várzea Grande airport or pick up at hotel and transfer to Pantanal lowlands. While crossing the area, it is possible to spot and appreciate the local flora & fauna. Late afternoon hike through a surrounding area to a 12 m observation tower and a spectacular view of sunset. After dinner, night walk to observe the South Hemisphere sky, hear and feel the nocturnal environment and watch some nocturnal animals. Overnight at Araras Eco Lodge.
Day 2 - After breakfast there are two options tours: or canoe tour to spot aquatic wildlife, birds, flora and possibility of piranha fishing; or Horseback Riding that is the most traditional way of becoming acquainted with Pantanal. It’s given the chance to explore areas of difficult access, where it is common to witness the harmonious convivial between cattle and the wild fauna. Time to lunch at Araras Lodge. After lunch, hike to 25m /82 ft high Howler Monkey Tower for sunset. Dinner and overnight.
Day 3 - Early morning hike for sunrise - The daybreak in the Pantanal occurs amid the symphony of night and daytime birds celebrating the arrival of a new day. It precedes the sunrise and presents an important appeal, because it happens only in this moment of the day. It cannot be missed.. Breakfast at pool side, before your photo safari transfer to Cuiabá. Drop off at airport or city hotel

Araras Lodge package 03days/02nights includes:
Accommodation in a Standard room with full board, bilingual guide, transfers and tours on a regular basis.

Price for 02 people in a double room - R$ 10826,00
Price for 01 person in a single room - R$ 6636,00

* The prices above are subject to change.
* Flight ticket not included

Paraty is a beautiful colonial city, considered one of the centers of culture and historical heritage.  To this day it maintains much of its natural beauty and charming architecture.  Walking in the historical center of the city, which prohibited the use of automobiles, is like taking a trip back in time.  The city was of great economic importance during the gold trade, when it was Bahia´s primary port for gold that arrived from the state of Minas Gerais and was transported to Europe.  It was also an integral port for Brazil´s coffee trade due to its proximity to ´´Paraíba Valley´´, one of the country´s primary producers of coffee products (in the beginning of the 19th century coffee was Brazil´s main export, surpassing even gold and sugar).

Package includes:
02 overnights at Pousada Porto Imperial  or similar
Regular Transfer in/out  - only driver speaking portuguese
Half day Schooner Cruiser with lunch
 Custom Package: Your Ideal Package Custom Package: Your Ideal Package
Do you want an exclusive itinerary to explore the city? We offer a personalized package with the best tourist options. Plan your trip with tailored details and discover the most enchanting attractions with all the comfort and convenience.

Rio de Janeiro is a truly unique destination and the most frequented city in Brazil.  Its natural beauty and history are magnificent and truly incomparable.  However, it is the hospitality and warmth of the people that truly make Rio ´´The Marvelous City´´.  It is set on a truly stunning landscape between a tropical forest and the sea, surrounded by mountains and the famous Guanabara Bay.  Its coast, full of beautiful beaches and bays, is one of the many alluring attractions.  Other sites most frequently visited by tourists are: Christ the Redeemer, Sugar Loaf Mountain, Tijuca Forest, the Lapa Arches and the historical city center.  The city has excellent infrastructure to support its tourism: various types of hotels, high-quality restaurants located in the most visited areas and a range of activities and tours available.  All of these enticing options are sure to transform your trip into an unforgettable journey.

Package includes:
02 overnights at 03 star hotel
Private transfer in - carguide
Regular Full day Corcovado and Sugar Loaf with lunch
Private transfer out -  carguide

Price for 02 persons in double room -  R$ 4626,00
Price for 01 person in single room -  R$ 3686,00

* The prices above are subject to change
* Air tkts not included
Salvador, the capital of the state of Bahia, was the capital of the country until 1763.  The city is divided into two parts.  The ´´Lower City´´ is at sea level and is where the city´s original port and commercial area, including Mercado Modelo, are found.  It is also the best part of the city to experience a capoeira demonstration, a Brazilian martial art developed by slaves, which is an important aspect of Afro-Brazilian cultural expression.  The ´´Upper City´´ is reached through the Lacerda elevator.  This part of the city is where the majority of museums, churches and modern architecture are located.  The city, without a doubt, keeps in touch with its African roots and traditions with respect to its cuisine, religion, and artwork.

Package includes:
02 overnights at 3 star hotel
with breakfast
Private transfer in with guide
Private Haf day city tour Panoramic with guide
Private Haf day city tour Historic with guide
Private Transfer out with guide

Price for 02 people in double room - R$ 4962,00
Price for 01 person in single room - R$ 3750,00

* The prices above are subject to change
* Flight ticket not included

Day 1
Transfer in from Porto Seguro airport to the Hotel
Meet your guide at the arrival area and embark on a private transfer to your hotel in Trancoso

Day 2
FD Caraiva

Departure from the pousada at 8:00am in the south direction of Trancoso, 38 km of dirt road amidst the beautiful landscapes of the Atlantic forest, restinga and valleys. The village of Caraiva is a place where nature has reserved many charms and natural beauties, access to the village is done in handmade canoes led by natives of the small village.

Gliding for 20 minutes by the calm waters of the Caraíva River embraced by the immense mangrove, we arrived at the river bank with its small indigenous huts, coconut trees, and houses of the traditional families of fishermen.

We stop for a swim in the refreshing waters of the river and walk down the small sand-covered streets, feeling the magic of the place. On the way, we stop for tasting the famous shrimp cake in the traditional "Boteco do Pará".

Then we embark on a small aluminum boat to explore the beauties found in the virgin area of the river, freshwater beaches, exotic birds, centenary trees, colorful orchids, animals of the Atlantic forest, scenarios that allow us to feel nature throughout the expedition by the Caraíva River. We suggest taking a kayak trip or a float descent down the river ( not included).

At the end of the activities, we return to the village for lunch in a typical restaurant and free afternoon to relax in this small. Return to Trancoso at 16h.

Duration: approximately 8 hours
What to bring: Tennis or hiking sandals, sunscreen, cap or hat, light clothing, backpack and swimwear.

Day 3
Day at leisure
Take your time to relax or explore the place on your own. 

Day 4
FD Praia do Espelho & Curuipe

Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the region, the beach of Espelho is the principle destination sought after by nature lovers. Beaches with crystal clear waters, red clay cliffs, and wild jungle gives Espelho the right to be called one of the most spectacular beaches in Brazil. 

The tour leaves Trancoso at 8:30 in the morning, in the direction of the Southern coast, and the fantastic route passes by incredible places such as Vale dos Búfalos, the small Indian village of Imbiriba, Itaporanga, and trails which pass through forests and ranches.

When arriving in Curuípe we can count on the support of charming restaurants to enjoy the day by the sea. One of the main attractions of the place is a walk along the cliffs, a small 8km trekking through the Amores, Outeiro das Brisas and Jacumã beaches, incredible scenery and almost deserted beaches at certain times of the year.
Return to the Espelho Cove after 1 h of walk, to have lunch and to rest from the walk. Return to Trancoso at 04:00pm. 

Duration: approximately 8 hours
What to bring: Tennis or hiking sandals, sunscreen, cap or hat, light clothing, backpack and swimwear.

Day 5
Transfer out to airport
Transfer out from the hotel to the airport in Porto Seguro 

Package includes:
Hotel Vilas de Trancoso , or similar, with breakfast 

Private transfer from hotel to International Airport - Mineral water on board.

Price for 02 people in a double room - R$ 9.638,00*
Price for 01 person in a single room - R$ 8.379,00*

* The prices above are subject to change  
Flight tickets not included